Global Document Imaging - Printing

General Printing

Large Volume Printing

Package 3



Sizes offered:

8.5x11, 8.5x14 and 11x17

(Large format & other sizes available upon request)



Black/White, Greyscale and Color


Document Finishing:

Hole punch and Binding


Large Volume Printing must meet a minimum of

2500 color or 25000 blk/wht images.


  • No Rush or Weekend Charges
  • Discounted Rates


Recurring Printing must meet a minimum of

1000 color or 10000 blk/wht images




  • No Weekend or Rush Charges
  • Discounted Rates





If Recurring Printing also meets Large Volume prerequisites, additional discounts will apply.


About Printing




GDI provides a wide range of printing but promotional flyers and handouts to Litigation exhibits and depositions.


GDI has a large affiliate network of printing professionals to fulfill any needs or specialty requests.


GDI can accommodate any size project and looks forward to exceeding your expectations. GDI aspires to form a relationship of confidence and trust with all of our clients.